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Author: sschutt

Hebrew letters

The letters, as interpreted by yours truly...


Somebody is at home now, the light is in.

Meaning: house
Number: 1
Attribution: air


Year: 2005
Country: Australia
Place: Melbourne


About the Hebrew letter Veit

The house is empty. You have left. Is the place where you come from, to where you must return. Only, the meanings of the words will change when you get there.




Meaning: door
Number: 4
attribution: venus

Officially, he is a crossbeam. A steel support, a protection, a place to hang the noose.

Unofficially he is a cartoon, a playful squiggle, a curly spring of hair. He is uncoiling as you read.



Meaning: window Number: 5 Attribution: aries

Meaning: window
Number: 5
Attribution: aries

One small. The other big, sheltering, brooding, leaning over. Life-giver (the scribbled version)

Giver of life bends, cannot quite reach the thing he created, this item of casual curiosity.

The small one stands straight. Tense. Reaches to meet the one above him, but cannot. Cannot. (the printed version)

He gives life, turns the anonymous into the individual. But by himself, what is he? He has no sound, he becomes himself by joining the others, then the others change to accommodate him.


Year: 2005
Country: Australia
Place: Melbourne


About the Hebrew letter Yud

Meaning: hand
Number: 10
Attribution: virgo

Jude. Jew. He who hangs in the sky, apart and floating, seeing far, rootless.

(The printed and scribbled versions are similar, except the printed Yud has a bigger head for the details, the technology, the clauses of things)


Year: 2005